Our World

Our Goal is 17 Countries

Student Population

400 selected students per campus

9 Essential Elements

New Teaching System


The mission of Mandala Foundation is to provide to the world its New Education System as an important paradigm shift in the way people learn, utilizing its website and school campuses for children, adults and seniors around the World. Students, upon graduation will be able to lead a more balanced and productive life while contributing value to society.


Mandala Foundation School Campuses are designed as a green, sustainable, healthy ecological environment, using Biomimicry and Biophilic Architecture that emulates systems and processes of nature, using the sunflower as the design metaphor.

Your donation will help support advanced neuroscience education for pre-K through 12th grade students USA and the World.

Hydroponic Farming

Mandala Foundation Farm Dome

Mandala Foundation Hydroponic Farm Dome is an indoor hydroponic silo for large-scale cultivation of crops that houses thousands of hydroponic garden units. The hydroponic garden units can grow may types of food products such as herbs, lettuces, fruit bearing plants, flowers, wheat, barley, rice, grapes, sprouts and more.
Sample Dome

Sample Of What Is Possible

The hydroponics units can grow many types of food products including;

  • Herbs
  • Lettuce’s
  • Fruit bearing trees
  • Several types of flowers
  • Wheat
  • Barley, rice, grapes
  • Sprouts and more ..